kay-the-strange asked: Is there a reason horshoe style rings are uncommon in conches?

I’m not sure, I guess circular barbells just not used as initial piercing jewellery because thing could catch on both end balls, and you might have even more of a chance of it twisting about than with a CBR. The most popular initial piercing jewellery is the straight barbell, simply because it reduces the risk of those things happening.

monsieurluce asked: Hi! I love your blog and I wanted to ask you, i had my conch piercing today and he said that i shouldn't put a ring, it will be annoying, what do you think? (sorry for the mistakes i am french) :D thanks!!

You know, I think it’s entirely up to personal preference.

You can always think to yourself, do I touch my ears often, do I wear large headphones a lot, is it the side I sleep on, etc. Those things could mean having a ring in your conch is annoying.

But you could always try it, have a ring put in by your piercer, and when you don’t like it, switch back to a post with a nice treaded end.

4jale asked: Is it better to use a 16g needle or 14g?

That’s a question better asked to the APP’s Safe Piercing people.


truthofthefallen asked: So I'm planning on getting 3 conch piercings, but I also want to stretch the middle one. Is it better to get the middle one, then stretch, and then get the other 2? Or can I just get all three at the same time?

You’d better ask the professionals over at the APP Safe Piercing blog.

ohlilyreally asked: I want my conch done badly but I have to wait till end of soccer season, but I'll only have 3-4 months before season starts again. Is that enough time for it to heal? (My cartilage healed pretty quickly)

If I were you, I’d direct very specific questions regarding healing time to the experts over at APP’s Safe Piercing tumblr.

jellyheartsu asked: I'm thinking about getting my conch pierced, I have eight piercings but I do not have any cartilage piercings. I was wondering if a conch is a good thing to start off with or if I should I try a helix for my first cartilage piercing?

You should start with the piercing you like best. There’s no real need to “test the waters”, the healing process should be the same for pretty much all cartilage ear piercings, just as the type of pain you’d have to expect.

kristinakandicake asked: where can you buy anatometal online?

I’ve seen some piercing shops who also have a webshop, but it’s a rarity.

If you can, buy Anatometal and Industrial Strength (and other quality manufacturers) through a physical piercing shop. Both manufacturers haveĀ  a directory with the shops that carry their jewellery (here and here).

That being said, some people don’t live anywhere near a reputable shop. I, for one, know of only bad to mediocre shops with sub-par supplies (EXTERNALLY THREADED, UGH), and the one good shop within a three hour train journey has suddenly upped sticks and left. The only other shops I know to carry good stuff are in the next bleedin’ country.

So, I’ve got to resort to ordering online, too. Your best bet would be bodyartforms.com as they deal pretty much directly with the manufacturers, and they can order custom pieces for you (please keep in mind that those take longer, as they’re made especially). The only downside to their shop, is that they still stock acrylic, and it would be better if people were stopped from putting such toxic waste in their ears.

My beautiful new conch piercing!!! I love it! Done by Janessa at 5 Point Studios.
My 1 month old conch piercing :)