tequilarosie asked: What is the pain scale usually for conch piercings? Do you have one and did it hurt?

Getting a piercing always hurts, even if it’s just a teensy bit.

I had both conches pierced, and because my cartilage there is unusually dense, it hurt more than a helix piercing.

But everyone experiences pain differently, everyone has different ear anatomy, so there’s really no saying.

auhbreyyy asked: I'm going to get my conch pierced tomorrow. Any tips on the actual piercing and after care?

If you’re going to a reputable piercer, they should tell you everything you need to know. If not, ask the pros at the APP blog.

pullmeintothedepthsofyourocean asked: Where's a good website to buy conch piercing jewelry?

The best place to buy jewellery is at your piercer’s. If you’re uncertain, locate an APP member using their website.

There isn’t a single size that fits everyone’s conch, which is why the best thing to do, is to ask you piercer what size you need, and have them order things from manufacturers like Industrial Strength and Anatometal. That way, you can be sure you get safe to wear, quality stuff in a size that’s right for you.

Never, under any circumstances, buy from places like Hot Topic. The piercing jeweller they sell may be under 5 bucks, but they also contain materials that give you cancer, so IDK, maybe your health is worth more than 5 bucks.

givemeenvygivemepanic asked: Hey, I got my conch pierced today, unfortunately the piercer didn't give me very clear instructions on aftercare, any tips?

It’s very basic; 

  • don’t touch it. Don’t twist it around. Don’t play with it. Just leave it alone. Seriously.
  • only handle it when you’re cleaning it, and when you do, first wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap.
  • use a saline soak (like H2Ocean), which you can spray on sterile gauze and wrap around your ear.

There isn’t much more detail to it, to be honest.

bae-sthetic asked: I just got my conch pierced today and I was looking up jewelry for it and idk what to look for?¿? I just want the big hoop thing but idk if 1/2" is big enough

It would be your best bet to simply go back to your piercer once your piercing has healed, and let them estimate what the best size for you is.

kay-the-strange asked: Is there a reason horshoe style rings are uncommon in conches?

I’m not sure, I guess circular barbells just not used as initial piercing jewellery because thing could catch on both end balls, and you might have even more of a chance of it twisting about than with a CBR. The most popular initial piercing jewellery is the straight barbell, simply because it reduces the risk of those things happening.

monsieurluce asked: Hi! I love your blog and I wanted to ask you, i had my conch piercing today and he said that i shouldn't put a ring, it will be annoying, what do you think? (sorry for the mistakes i am french) :D thanks!!

You know, I think it’s entirely up to personal preference.

You can always think to yourself, do I touch my ears often, do I wear large headphones a lot, is it the side I sleep on, etc. Those things could mean having a ring in your conch is annoying.

But you could always try it, have a ring put in by your piercer, and when you don’t like it, switch back to a post with a nice treaded end.

4jale asked: Is it better to use a 16g needle or 14g?

That’s a question better asked to the APP’s Safe Piercing people.


truthofthefallen asked: So I'm planning on getting 3 conch piercings, but I also want to stretch the middle one. Is it better to get the middle one, then stretch, and then get the other 2? Or can I just get all three at the same time?

You’d better ask the professionals over at the APP Safe Piercing blog.

ohlilyreally asked: I want my conch done badly but I have to wait till end of soccer season, but I'll only have 3-4 months before season starts again. Is that enough time for it to heal? (My cartilage healed pretty quickly)

If I were you, I’d direct very specific questions regarding healing time to the experts over at APP’s Safe Piercing tumblr.